The transport service can be granted under the Social Welfare Act or the Disability Services Act. Trips are granted for leisure, errands, studies and work.

The need for the transport service is assessed by the elderly or disability services of your municipality. A service needs assessment can be requested by you, your family or, for example, a home care employee. When there are changes in your functional capacity or needs, the service needs assessment can be remade and the transport service decision can be updated.

The transport service decision includes the grounds for granting the service, the validity period of the decision, the purpose and number of the trips and any special needs to be observed while you travel. The service provided by Transport Services is always based on the transport service decision made by your municipality of residence. The municipality that granted the service also decides on the share of the customer’s responsibility and the travel area.

Trips provided by Transport Services may not be used for health care visits. In Finland, health care trips are the responsibility of KELA.