Ideal Social and Health Services community

What kinds of social and health services should Western Uusimaa provide? How do we make these services known to the public and easily accessible to ensure that they are easy to find, that no-one is left behind and that people are treated with due respect?

Together we can ensure that the health and social services of Western Uusimaa will bring health and well-being to all of us and make us all proud.

Join us!

In the Ideal Social and Health Services community you can participate in discussions and other tasks throughout this year. You can also submit suggestions and questions. 

We warmly welcome all residents, organisations, disability councils, elderly councils, youth councils and other cooperation partners to join us in building excellent social and health services for Western Uusimaa!

Events in the community

  • In February–March we evaluate the nature and appearance of future social and health services.
  • In March starts a group for young people 15–22 years of age. In the group we develop youth mental health services. We are looking for 10–15 people who are familiar with our current services or who are interested in developing them. Further information:
  • In March we open groups for the elderly councils, disability councils and youth councils in Western Uusimaa.
  • In May starts a group for developing family centre services.
  • In the summer we will evaluate a new chat service.

Due to the  corona situation we currently operate on digital channels.  Various kinds of participation opportunities in other channels  will be available later this year.